Extreme Science Show

The EXTREME SCIENCE show is presented annually to elementary and secondary school students in the mid Vancouver Island region as well as to the general public. The show features some very exciting demonstrations presented by professors from the Physics and Chemistry departments at Vancouver Island University. To get an idea of some of the demonstrations check out the following videos that have appeared on local television: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L4kuPi1NQA and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9btzF5Nh758.

The EXTREME SCIENCE show serves two purposes. First, it is meant to get kids excited about science. The second purpose of the show is as a fund raiser for LED Africa. LED Africa ( www.ledafrica.org ) is a charitable organization created in order to provide solar powered lighting to rural secondary schools in Malawi.

2019 Show Dates

Dates for the 2019 EXTREME SCIENCE school shows are as follows:

Date         Venue                                       Time
May 28     VIU Theatre (Nanaimo)            10:00 AM
May 29     VIU Theatre (Nanaimo)            10:00 AM
May 30     VIU Theatre (Nanaimo)             9:30 AM
May 30     VIU Theatre (Nanaimo)            12:30 AM
May 31     VIU Theatre (Nanaimo)            10:00 AM


2019 Extreme Scientists

Debbie Hearn
Patrick Ng
Owen Peer
Ray Penner
Peter Diamente
Sandy Patrick
Duane Friesen
Greg Arkos


A breakdown of the annual attendance at the shows is as follows

     Year       # of shows       Total attendance
     2009       4                     1130
     2010       4                     1150
     2011       4                     1150
     2012       5                     1450
     2013       6                     2170
     2014       6                     1910
     2015       5                     1360
     2016       5                     1440                                                                                                                                
     2017       5                     1440



In addition to Vancouver Island University, Fairwinds Golf Club and the following Engineering firms have also been sponsors of the Extreme Science show over the years.