Science To All

In 2019 LED Africa became Science To All Charitable Society. The purpose of the charity is to promote science to elementary and secondary school kids both in Canada and in Malawi, Africa. This is done by running fun and exciting science events.

Science in Action

Since 2019 Science To All has brought Science in Action to over 90 schools in Malawi. This event starts with presentations of science demonstrations, including demonstrations that are made in Malawi using locally available materials. At some schools this is followed by students building model water pumps and learning along the way how the water pumps that they use daily actually work. The finale is a water bottle rocket competition where typically 30 or so teams of 3 to 5 students construct a water bottle rocket. Then a competition is run to see whose rocket flies the furthest. The event is very exciting for the entire school! Top teams receive some prize money which of course adds to the excitement. For students in Malawi, and in Africa in general, such events are rare or nonexistent as the vast majority of African schools do not have the funds for such activities .

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Extreme Science Challenge

In March 2021, Science To All and Vancouver Island University teamed up to bring to elementary school classes in the mid Vancouver Island region the Extreme Science Challenge. This involved producing 10 videos featuring some of the bigger, more exciting demonstrations from Physics and Chemistry. Within each video letters are placed among the demonstrations. These letters form words and all the words in the 10 videos formed a quote from a famous scientist. The challenge was to figure out the quote in order to enter a draw. A total of 191 elementary school classes from 4 school districts took part and each of the11 winners received $1000 worth of science supplies of their choosing provided by our generous sponsors. Some of the feedback from the teachers is given below:

Water Bottle Rocket Competition photos from Malawi:

Feedback from the Extreme Science Challenge:

"Their enthusiasm to figure out the challenge was incredible!  We have decided to make as many words/phrases as we can and print them on a different coloured paper each day.  On day 10 we will have a giant word sort in groups of two or three and see if we can figure out the quote!  SO EXCITED!"

"We had so much fun watching all the videos and discussing scientific concepts that they will look at more in-depth in later grades, thank you so much for organizing it! They also spent a ton of time unscrambling the words every day and eventually the quote. I will say that we wrote each of the words on index cards and tried to make sense of it ourselves, before eventually turning to Google for help. Overall it was a wonderful and exciting two weeks of science, and I hope that this kind of activity happens again, even without the contest portion, because they loved it!"

"Thank you all again for the 10 days of fun, learning, and awesome science excitement… be prepared 9 – 10 years from now a whole bunch of my kiddos want to come to your classes ….!!"

"From the students: - I’m glad we could see all the neat experiments - It was really awesome and fun! - Thank you so much for putting this together -Thank you for putting your time into this -Thank you for taking the time to blow us away -Thank you for the amazing experience - It was fun unscrambling the quotes and the words.  The experiments were really cool - It was hard but it was fun, at the end the quote was really hard but the videos were fun to watch. - Thanks it was really cool and fun to unscramble the letters - Thank you for trying your best to still amaze us with science during covid - I thought all the videos were really interesting - Thank you for the experience. I grew to like science."

"Thank you so much for hosting these awesome challenges. My students loved them! We had to watch each challenge twice as the students became fixated on finding the letters. It would be awesome if other faculties could provide opportunities for our youth to learn other disciplines. Over half of my class aspire to now be future scientists!"

"First off, I want to say that my class absolutely LOVED your videos!! They think you guys are “so cool and famous” (their exact words!). Their minds were blown when I said that maybe one day they would get the chance to meet you if they decide to go to VIU when they are older. I wish you could have seen thier faces light up!! Thank you so much for inspiring so many schools, classes and children. You have made a difference in just my class alone. I am sure that the other teachers will feel the same. "

"Thank you so much for making Extreme Science virtual this year!  My grade 3 class enjoyed the experiments so much!  I wish you could have heard their exclamations as they watched the videos.  What a creative way to present the information, with hidden letters and a message to unscramble.  In some ways, it was even better than in person with the instant replays and slow motion.  I appreciated that you explained some of the science behind the experiments, too.  Overall, it was so well thought out and delivered, and it really added excitement to our days.  Thank you again, to you and Peter and your team.  Much appreciated."

"Thank you ever so much for putting this Science challenge together.  My students have been so excited and looked forward everyday to watching the next video.  Not only have they loved the Science experiments but it has been a very good language activity as well.... to get them to generate as many words as possible from unscrambling the mystery letters each day!"

"This has been the MOST fun ever for my Grade 7 class! Everyone wants to go to VIU now to be your student ha, ha.  It's very motivating.  Thank you so much, "

"We really enjoyed the videos!! I think you have definitely inspired some students to explore physics"

"Hi Raymond, Thank you so much for all the videos. My grade 4 class loved this challenge and came in asking to watch the videos each day. This brought a lot of excitement to our days! Thanks so much for doing this. The kids were so excited to figure out the quote. We had to watch each video twice because they were so excited!"

"First I have to give our honest feedback on this whole challenge! It was awesome! You got my kids very excited about Science with all of your crazy experiments and explosions! Too fun and very age appropriate!"